Jeff Hardison | Head of Product Marketing

Calendly Product Update – March 2023

AUTHOR: Jeff Hardison | Head of Product Marketing

We have some scheduling automation tips and updates we're eager to share.

 Scheduling From Your Website is Better With Routing

Can’t tell you how excited I am that we’ve launched Calendly Routing for all the marketing and salespeople in your life.

How many times have you visited a company’s website, and then decided to fill out their “request a demo” or “talk to sales” signup form…

But you don’t hear back from the company until the next day! Or maybe their salesperson’s reply-email went to your spam folder.

By then, you’re no longer in the mood to get a demo.

What if you could access their sales team’s calendars when you’re on their website? Schedule a meeting for tomorrow, right then when you’re feeling it at midnight (when you should really be in bed).

And then instead of getting routed to just any salesperson, you get routed to that expert salesperson who gets you. They don’t merely know what school you went to from looking at your LinkedIn. This expert salesperson also understands the challenges associated with your specific industry or company size.

This is what marketing and sales teams can now achieve with Calendly Routing. You can not only embed scheduling into your website, but also make your marketing team happy by integrating with their Marketo or HubSpot forms. And you can better please your revenue operations and sales teams by integrating with their Salesforce CRM data to route meetings to the right sales reps.

Abbie from Calendly customer RCReports says, “[Routing] is a game changer for our sales team. We no longer spend hours a month reassigning website demos. Customers automatically book with the right person thanks to the Salesforce lookup.”

And Bryce from shares, "We’re seeing an incredible 70% conversion rate of meetings booked through the form. The experience is clearly resonating with customers and it’s driving better end results for our sales and marketing teams.”

Integration of the Month: More From Salesforce

We’re also excited to share another Salesforce integration feature that allows you to store – in Salesforce – responses to Calendly Routing Forms. This Salesforce integration lets you create or update relevant records like leads or contacts with the data you’ve captured from the form submission.

Now, revenue operations teams can centralize reporting — with Routing Forms responses and Salesforce data in one place — and marketing teams can automate things like retargeting a qualified lead who didn't book a meeting via Routing Forms.

If you’re unfamiliar, our Routing Forms feature is a native form we offer on our Professional subscription plans and higher. It differs from our new Marketo and HubSpot forms integrations (available on the Teams subscription plan), which are aimed at marketing departments who already have invested in forms from these marketing automation providers.  

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