Jeff Hardison, Head of Product Marketing

Calendly Product Update – September 2023

AUTHOR: Jeff Hardison, Head of Product Marketing

We're here with some product updates, resources, and tips to share to make scheduling easier and more productive.

Webinar: The Total Economic Impact of Calendly

We’ve shared a lot of customer case studies with you. But I’ve always wanted to have a third-party expert (read: not me) share their version of a customer story.

So, we partnered with Forrester Research to do a Total Economic Impact of Calendly study in which they talked to a few of our customers — including DocuSign, Atlassian, Semrush, and Gardaworld — about the impact of our scheduling automation platform on their business.

If you’re free, there’s a live webinar coming up about Forrester’s views, which will include our customer DocuSign and me. And, if you can’t attend, register and we’ll email you the recording.

You’ll hear insights from the research including how a composite organization of interviewees with experience using Calendly realized a 318% ROI over three years. You’ll also learn:

  • How DocuSign has benefited from using Calendly

  • Insights from Forrester’s in-depth interviews and data analysis

  • Key areas where customers see success after implementing scheduling automation

Calendly AI Solutions

When my friends ask me about how Calendly is going these days, the first question that comes up is “What’s Calendly’s view on artificial intelligence?” (The second question is "Do you use AI to write those newsletters?" Full disclosure: I don't.)

The answer to the first questions is here: In a new blog post, Stephen Hsu, our Chief Product Officer, shares our views on AI — including how it will transform productivity and what this shift means for Calendly. Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Also, if you don’t want to miss out on any AI updates, we have a waitlist you can join for early access to future AI-powered features, exclusive sneak peeks, and new content.

Tip of the Day:
See When You’re Both Available

How many times have you clicked on someone else’s Calendly link, and thought, “I wish I could see my Calendly availability next to theirs.”

As customer Matt Bolian says, it’s called Mutual Availability: a feature that I think is pretty magical, which doesn’t require AI, yet does leverage the millions of people who use Calendly to make it work.

If the other person has Calendly — and you’re logged into yours — you’ll see a green dot next to the times you’re available too.

Integration of the Month:
Gong Engage

I ran a poll on LinkedIn the other month to learn whether salespeople and entrepreneurs are doing more cold emailing and calling (or “cold outbound”). 82% said they’re doing more!

Sales and marketing tools such as HubSpot, LinkedIn, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, and more make the brave act of contacting someone you don’t know easier.

Right now, I’m really excited for Calendly for Gong Engage. Much like our Gmail integration, it gives you one-click access to Calendly, directly from the Gong Engage email composer. Our team is all about one-click access because it lets us spend less time toggling between tabs and hunting for scheduling links, and more time on strategic tasks. If you use Gong, try out Engage with Calendly, and fill me in on your experience.

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