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Calendly Product Update – November 2023

AUTHOR: Jeff Hardison Head of Product Marketing

We're excited to share with you some product updates, tips, and tricks in making scheduling more productive and easier.

What Forrester Research Found
When They Studied Calendly

If you haven’t checked out Forrester Research’s study on Calendly — which includes interviews with customers DocuSign, Atlassian, GardaWorld, and Semrush — you can grab it here.

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed talking to research analyst firms like Forrester, because they work with thousands of customers who want advice on which tech products to buy. And, as a Calendly employee, they can give me a “voice of the customer” reality check when I need one! Here are a few things Forrester heard from Calendly’s customers:

“One of the pain points was trying to schedule with external clients while keeping their data safely secured. Calendly really supports their existing workflows. I don’t think we have any other tools that do that level of advanced extra routing for a team.” - Atlassian’s Global Collaboration Specialist

“First [added value is] connectivity, [then] ease of access to our calendar so that there was a way that team members could manage their tasks. Another added value is consistency, as we’re delivering our engagement consistently to optimize customer and employee experience along with ease and flexibility.” DocuSign’s VP of Success at Scale

“We can definitely say that when a sales rep is involved and has a meeting on the calendar for a renewal, the chances of expansion go up and Calendly definitely plays a part in that.” - Semrush’s Sales Project Manager

“A couple of years ago, we were at 21 days [in our recruiting process], and then we got it down to 17 days. [Now it is] about 15 and a half days from application to when they’re earning a paycheck.” - GardaWorld’s Senior Director of Talent Acquisition

That’s just a sample of what these customers have to say in the report. Feel free to download it, or read the blog post if you prefer.

How Many People Schedule
Meetings From Your Forms?

Some of our most successful customers add scheduling capabilities to their website. Yet, you know what holds some others back? They worry just anyone will find their Calendly, and book a time without qualifying them! That’s what I love about our Routing features, as they allow you to ask invitees questions before they can book time with you and your team.

Available on the Teams subscription plan and above, Routing is now improved with Routing Analytics that reveal how your routing forms perform with candidates, clients, and potential customers. Within your Calendly Analytics, you can now see reports on conversion rates and track scheduling trends coming from your Calendly, HubSpot, Marketo, or Pardot forms. Note: Only account admins and owners can check out routing analytics.

An Even Edgier Extension

Have you added our browser extensions yet to make your life easier? Join customer Trevor Robinson and thousands of others who use it to quickly grab their scheduling link in their email tool, use our LinkedIn integration, and more!

And, Microsoft Edge users, Calendly’s extension is easier to find than ever before — no more detours to the Chrome Web Store. Find us with all your other Edge Add-ons here. If you haven’t had the chance to try our extension yet, it grants you one-click access to Calendly from anywhere on the web, or even from the Outlook app if that’s where you spend most of your day.

We’re also available on Chrome and Firefox, but if there’s a different browser or application you’d like to see us tackle next, reply to let us know.

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