Jeff Hardison, Head of Product Marketing

Calendly Product Update – May 2023

AUTHOR: Jeff Hardison, Head of Product Marketing

Tip of the Day… Live on June 1!

We often share tips here for scheduling better as a team:

But ever wonder how we use Calendly to do the above? Join Calendly's CMO Jessica Gilmartin and I live for a webinar on June 1, 2023 at 1:00 pm PT / 4:00 pm ET to see the three most overlooked, yet impactful team scheduling features that our own sales, customer success, marketing, and recruiting teams rely on every day. And, if you sign up, we’ll automatically email you the recording.

Reclaim Your Browser Tab Real Estate

Did you know you can stay in your digital workflow with our browser extensions and Outlook add-in? No matter where you’re messaging from — Gmail to LinkedIn to Outlook — keep your scheduling links close and never lose momentum in a conversation again. Embed times directly in email, star your most-used event types for easy access, and automatically color-code Calendly meetings on Google Calendar to easily distinguish important external appointments from internal work blocks.

Interested in the magic behind how it all works? We have a guide for that! Learn more about how these integrations are not only seamless but securely designed to protect your information in our hot-off-the-presses browser extensions guide.

Earlier this month, we also added avatars to all shared (multi-host) event types, making it crystal-clear which teammates are involved with which events. In a quick glance, you can easily see who your fellow hosts and co-hosts are, all from your trusty sidebar.

Integrations of the Month: Forms

As a marketer, I love forms. I create signup forms to know who to send newsletters to, demo request forms to deliver our sales team leads, and survey forms to get your opinions on all of the above!

You’ve heard us talk about Routing Forms for using our own forms for better qualifying people before they can book a meeting with you — to ensure better-quality connections all around.

But did you know you can also integrate with Marketo and HubSpot signup forms to qualify and route prospects, if you want to integrate with your existing software stack?

And don’t forget Typeform, another form provider that makes it easy to not only survey people but also schedule a Calendly meeting after answering certain qualifying questions (and other use cases).

Now, there’s an integration with Jotform, a powerful form builder for collecting important data. The new Calendly widget allows you to embed a scheduling widget directly to your forms to automate your scheduling process, book meetings and collect valuable information in one central location.

Can You Please Take Three Seconds to Answer One Survey Question?

We want to know how you would categorize tools like Calendly.

How would you best describe Calendly?

Want to Build an Integration?

Did you know Calendly offers a wide variety of application programming interfaces (APIs) that you and your organization’s software developers can use to customize your Calendly user experience?

Visit our Developer Portal to easily sign up for an account and begin exploring API use cases, including: triggering Calendly automations in other tools, embedding scheduling pages, enhancing user analytics and more. Or let your favorite developer know!

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