Jeff Hardison, Head of Product Marketing

Calendly Product Update – June 2023

AUTHOR: Jeff Hardison, Head of Product Marketing

We're eager to share the latest from our scheduling automation company.

Features Our Team Can't Live Without

In a video, we at Calendly got together to share three of our favorite team scheduling tips that our own teams rely on every day. It’s “Calendly on Calendly” if you will.

You can now catch the on-demand webinar that includes the tips and live demos.

The short transcript of our tips:

Integration of the Month: Notion

Notion — a productivity and note taking app — recently built a Calendly embed integration that allows you to add a Calendly booking view in your Notion pages.

If you want tips on using Notion, check out how Calendly CMO Jessica Gilmartin uses Notion for managing teams – advice she offers up in the form of templates! And she even adds a Calendly scheduling experience in there.

We also integrate with a lot of other great tools like LinkedIn, Typeform, Postal, and Slack – so you can use Calendly everywhere you work.

Browser Extensions: Microsoft Edge

June marks the one-year anniversary of Internet Explorer’s retirement after a 27-year run. Many have been making the switch to Microsoft Edge, out of convenience or perhaps to tinker with Bing’s AI chatbot.

In any case, we wanted you to know that Calendly’s beloved browser extension also works on Edge! Edge users, rejoice — you too can stay in your workflow and access all your scheduling links in an instant. Just head to the Chrome Web Store to download.

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