Jeff Hardison, Head of Product Marketing

Calendly Product Update – July 2023

AUTHOR: Jeff Hardison, Head of Product Marketing

We're here with some tips on how to use our scheduling automation platform for making meetings more productive.

How Calendly Uses Calendly Webinar Series

Ever wonder how the Calendly team uses Calendly? We’re doing a lot more than sharing scheduling links.

Join our webinar series, How Calendly Uses Calendly, for a behind-the-scenes look at how leaders across our very own sales, marketing, customer success and recruiting teams use Calendly to do their best work and create real business results. Sign up to attend (and if you can’t, we’ll automatically email you the recording):

How Calendly Uses Calendly to Hire Top Talent Faster
For Recruiting Teams
Tomorrow, August 1 @ 10 am PT / 1 pm ET
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How Calendly Uses Calendly to Close More Deals
For Sales Teams
Tuesday, August 8 @ 10 am PT / 1pm ET
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How Calendly Uses Calendly to Retain More Customers
For Customer Success Teams
Tuesday, August 15 @ 10 am PT / 1 pm ET
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And, if you missed our CEO Tope’s session or mine with CMO Jessica, you can watch the recordings some time by signing up.

Tip of the Day: Reduce No-Shows

Are people getting flakier these days, not attending events they said they would? One study by OnePoll revealed the “average person is a no-show to almost half of the events they are invited to.” And then there’s the people who message you “Fun!” in response to your invitation, and you wonder “Does that mean you’re coming…”

One Calendly feature has reduced no-shows to my meetings 100%: Email Invitees to Reconfirm workflow. I can’t recommend the feature enough.

Available on the Professional Plan, I trigger this reconfirmation email to go out one hour before a meeting. The recipient has to “reconfirm” the meeting with me. I then receive an email, advising they reconfirmed.

Since implementing this workflow, zero people have canceled meetings at the last minute!

Give it a try, and let me know if you see similar success.

Traveling More?

Don’t know about you, but I’m on the road a lot more in 2023. I can’t always lug around my laptop, so Calendly’s mobile app does the trick.

You can access your links, scan/reschedule upcoming events, or text a one-off meeting link—all from the palm of your hand. My favorite thing to do with the mobile app is quickly change my availability, if it’s a holiday or personal time off. Maybe I just want to allow one hour of meetings per day when I’m on the go.

Group Admins Can Help Other Admins

Your Calendly account admin has a lot on their plate. If that’s you, we have a new Professional subscription plan (and above) feature allowing you to shift some invite responsibility to group admins.

After all, who better to invite users to a group than the people who oversee that group! Now group admins can own adding new hires to Calendly, enabling them to start scheduling meetings, fast.

A group admin can also be an admin for multiple groups without being a member. This allows for an org member to maintain group standardization at a large scale, while leaving day-to-day maintenance to a team lead.

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