Jeff Hardison Head of Product Marketing

Calendly Product Update – January 2024

AUTHOR: Jeff Hardison Head of Product Marketing

We're excited to share some tips and product updates to make meetings easier and more productive.

Tip of the Day: You Deserve to Get Paid

You should be charging people money to “pick your brain” in a video call. To give them feedback on their startup. To teach them about your profession. To consult at night after your long workday. To demo their product. To coach them each week. To teach them yoga or exercise or art or music.

Yes, we should all volunteer to help people who don’t have the means to pay us. However, many of the people who reach out to you on LinkedIn do.

The “side hustles” to create another revenue stream in 2022 are now the necessary protection you need in an uncertain economy in 2024.

Join me and thousands of others, and connect your Calendly to PayPal or Stripe and start charging for meetings (available on the Standard subscription plan and higher).

You don’t need to request people pay for every meeting if you have multiple event types that you offer, but reserve one event type with PayPal or Stripe integrated – just in case.

Back That Event Type Up

As you know, Calendly Event Types are how you offer your attendees blocks of time to meet with you (e.g., 30-minute video call, 15-minute in-person visit, 45-minute paid consultation).

Sometimes you need a little backup when coordinating meetings. That’s why we recently expanded event type permissions, allowing you to add editors and viewers to your own events and admin-managed events!

Collaborators can make event updates that help you deliver the best customer and candidate experience, prepare event types for you to speed up scheduling, and share event links on your behalf for a seamless handoff.

Improved Collective and Round Robin Event Types

When I ask people in companies what their favorite Calendly feature is, they generally say our collaborative scheduling features to schedule better together as a team.

These team-scheduling pros wanted more, though. Dozens of them emailed asking for the ability to share meetings among groups of coworkers, or what we call Collective plus Round Robin.

Available on the Teams and Enterprise subscription plans, you can now mix and match Collective and Round Robin capabilities to easily get a combination of teammates scheduled. For example, you can improve:

  • Product demos to prospects: Set up an event type with an account executive plus one of five rotating sales engineers

  • Panel interviews: Pair a hiring manager with one of three rotating team leaders plus one of four rotating peers interviewers

  • New customer onboarding calls: Include a sales manager who closed the deal plus their assigned customer success manager and one of four rotating technical implementation specialists

Join Your Calendly Community

Have you ever wanted to meet other Calendly users? What about ask them questions? Or answer theirs? We’ve got you covered with the new Calendly Community, your go-to hub for answers, inspiration, and all things scheduling.

Whether you’re just getting started making your scheduling more efficient or a seasoned pro, this community has something for you.

Ready to check it out? Head on over to Calendly Community and explore.

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