Jeff Hardison, Head of Product Marketing

Calendly Product Update – August 2023

AUTHOR: Jeff Hardison, Head of Product Marketing

We're here with some product updates and tips on how you can make meetings more productive.

Tip of the Day: Qualify, Route, and Schedule Meetings

In this up-and-down economy, leaders must give their customers an amazing website experience. Each person who visits your site counts. One of the easiest ways to improve the website experience is by asking better questions in your signup, or “contact us,” forms.

  • What’s your company size?

  • What’s your industry?

  • How can we help you specifically? Are you ready to buy or do you need support?

Based on answers to those quetions, you can then “route,” or direct, customers to the right person on your team. And if they’re not a fit, you can let prospects know, saving time for everyone!

Earlier this week we announced a new and improved version of Calendly Routing — which dramatically improves the “contact us” website experience. Now, your marketing and sales teams can:

  • Integrate better with the signup form providers they already use such as Pardot (new!), Marketo, and HubSpot

  • Use Marketo to send emails to customers who visit a Calendly scheduling page but don’t book a meeting (new!)

  • Use our Salesforce integration to match known leads with not only their assigned owner, but also filtering by deal stage, territory, or other fields in Salesforce (new!)

And, if you don’t have these third-party tools, you can always use our own Calendly Routing Forms to ask better qualifying questions that route customers to the right resource.

Check out this customer story from Calendly customer which is now booking 25% more from their website with Calendly Routing.

Integration of the Month: Linktree

Every time I visit someone’s Instagram or Twitter profile, it seems they’re using Linktree to “link” people to more resources about them. 35 million users to be more precise!

Now, Linktree enables customers to embed Calendly directly within their Linktree, so people can book time right then and there — without ever leaving your Linktree.

Linktree says customers using the Calendly integration see 7 times more customer meetings booked than before.

Learn More About How People Schedule With You

Ever wonder how people like to schedule with you? Now, anyone on a Professional or above subscription plan can view view their personal scheduling Analytics.

Check out popular meeting times, top event types, and more to identify what’s going well (and where to make adjustments) to:

  • Reduce cancellations by updating availability to when people like to meet

  • Get some time back by identifying the sweet spot for meeting duration

  • Repeat success by revising meeting formats to match most booked events

Help Your Teammates Help You

Don’t know about your team, but this time of year for us means teammates are on the move out of their offices. We’ve long offered the Calendy mobile apps to make scheduling easier when on the go, but what about making life easier for your teammates?

With Calendly’s new flexible Event Type permissions (Professional subscription plan and above), collaborators can cover for you when you’re out of the office, manage handoffs during times of transition, and make updates for you.

Use the gear icon in the Event Type builder to add editors, viewers, and co-hosts to your next meeting. Try it next time you’re out of the office, and let us know how it works.

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