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Calendly Product Update – April 2024

AUTHOR: Jeff Hardison Head of Product Marketing

Introducing Our New and Improved Extension

If you’ve used our Calendly web browser extension and Outlook add-in, you know it’s historically been focused on helping you quickly grab your scheduling link and seeing what meetings you have coming up. Now, the extension is so much more – and available on all our subscription plans!

  • View and manage your meetings for the day. Join a call, cancel, reschedule, or mark a no-show right from the new Meetings tab.

  • Keep track of your contacts. See a contact’s details and scheduling history, or even book your next call with them, straight from the new Contacts tab.

  • Book meetings in real time. A recent poll we launched showed that when Calendly users are on a call, more than 50% of folks prefer to book their next follow-up meeting live, while they still have the other person on the line. Now you can book a call more easily by clicking “Book meeting” from the Event Types tab, instantly confirming a call.

Another cool aspect of this feature: You can “hand off” meetings to someone else on your team – such as a recruiter to a hiring manager or sales development rep to an account exec. This is one of my most received feature requests from you all!

Our friends at DocuSign, MessageDesk, and CI Assante are already finding a ton of value from the improved extension. We hope you will too. Give it a try, and let us know what you think. Better yet, register for our webinar to share thoughts and questions with us live.

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Workflows for Shared Events

I’ve written a few times about how I reduce one-on-one meeting no-shows and automate follow-up emails (e.g., automatically send a help document after a call) with Workflows. Well, now you can add Workflow reminders and follow-up notifications to shared events!

That means workflows for Group Events (e.g., webinars), Collective Events (e.g., bring a coworker to a meeting with a customer), and Round Robin events (share meeting opportunities with your team)! This is another much-requested feature that I’m excited is now available (on our Standard subscription plan and higher).

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Integrations: Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams

Zoom that admins can manage: In the past, nothing drove my coworkers crazier than when I forgot to add the video conference link to the calendar invite (okay, maybe a few other things). As a user, you can fix this oversight by automatically adding video conferencing links to your meetings. But, like me, perhaps you forgot to activate the integration.

I’m excited to share that Calendly account administrators can now set up Zoom for their entire organization! New teammates get access to their video conferencing tool (if it’s Zoom) in Calendly on their first day of work, and existing teammates who don’t have the Zoom integration are instantly connected.

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Chat apps: Next to Calendly, I probably use chat apps more than any other app at work (mostly just adding emojis to what other people write).

So, I’m excited we’ve updated our Calendly app for Slack and released a new Microsoft Teams chat app, so you can stay updated on your Calendly meetings directly from your messaging tool.

You’ll get real-time notifications when a Calendly meeting is booked, rescheduled, or canceled directly in Slack or Teams, so you’re always updated on your schedule without switching tabs.

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Gartner Hype Cycle

Gartner, a very popular research firm that advises the world’s top companies, included Calendly in a recent Hype Cycle report about “everyday AI.” Get the full report to learn:

  • The four major obstacles stopping teams from leveraging AI today

  • Ways to successfully implement everyday AI technology in your organization

  • Seven categories and functions that could benefit from employing everyday AI tools

  • How AI can amplify the productivity of any worker

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